Sunday, June 1, 2008

WoW The trees are so amazingly green! I am in love with Spring here, now that is has finally arrived! It's June now, so the season for weddings is here. We've got one in Portland next week, another to attend in July on Lopez Island. I am very excited about that one! Our 12th anniversary is the 15th so we'll be staying a while on the island to celebrate for us too. Grammie will be along for the ride, so we'll have a babysitter (glorious!) And Chris and I will get to have some time alone. Sooooo difficult to do now that we've got 4 babes! Hopefully, we'll have our new vehicle by then so we'll all FIT! I've been knitting outside......a little handbag for my neice, I think. I was planning to felt it, but I'm just in love with how summery the watermelon color is and how lovely it shows in the stitches, and the yarn is so soft, it might be a shame to felt it. I might line it with fabric istead and just leave it be.

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